When we as a family decided to embark on this natural learning journey, we were always open to the idea that if either of our children wanted to go to school we would go with it and support them no matter what.

Well today my gorgeous Sunny-Tao started preschool, because he wanted to. He has friends that go to this wonderful small community preschool and he expressed an interest in attending. I completely supported his decision and even though I missed him immensely, I knew in my heart he was going to love it.

And he did LOVE it! The baby chickens, the building, the painting, the playing, the singing, the connecting, the laughing, the digging, the fun .......

The beauty of this particular preschool is that they extend on the children's interests, so it's similar to a natural learning approach to education.

Even though my eldest son Finn was sad at saying goodbye to Sunny-T this morning, I know he LOVED the special day we had together at the art gallery and just quietly connecting over books and maps (Finn's new interest). 

I trust that Sunny intuitively knows that this is the right path for him, even though it is different to what I wanted.
Trusting children is a huge part of the natural learning process and I see Sunny making this choice for himself as part of this process. And if just down the path, he decides it's not for him, then thats fine too.

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