One of my greatest lessons in life so far, has been to trust myself first.

There will always be other opinions, whether it's friends, family, or even society at large, but only I know what is best for me. 

In our western society we are taught to not think for ourselves and to put so called 'experts', such as doctors, teachers, politicians, scientists etc up on  pedestals and to take every word they feed us as the truth.

And the majority of our society do just mindlessly watching TV, injecting their children with unknown vaccines, feeding them foods laden with chemicals, treating pregnancy as a medical procedure rather than a completely natural process...the examples could go on & on...

An example of how we are completely misled by the media was a chance watching of MEDIA WATCH on the ABC last week. They spoke of a 'germ expert' being interviewed  by a mainstream news channel and also on the radio. He was advocating the use of bleach for cleaning everything in the home, to save your family from nasty germs. He turned out to be an employee of White Power, a bleach manufacturer!

So these so-called news stories are actually just more advertising!
Bleach is a poison by the way and an increased use in the home will pollute our waterways!

The mass population are being brainwashed daily by TV and other forms of media! Why do the masses allow this to happen .... where does this compliance and conformity come from?

Sadly, I believe it comes from our education system. Children are told for so many years to do what they are told or  get in trouble, in other words coerced into compliance. So this continues on .... 

The masses go on to trust the government to make sure food is safe for their children and trust doctors to know that all vaccines are safe and beneficial for their children, yet in reality this is far from the truth.

I believe the solution is found by empowering yourself with knowledge! Read and research! We are blessed to be living in the information age, with an answer to any question at our fingertips.
When we were planning on falling pregnant, I read and researched widely on the topic. I didn't rely on the mainstream media to tell me what to do. The natural way was right for I researched more and decided to focus on  nutrition and be completely chemical free in our home.  This led to a problem free pregnancy and natural home birth. All the while though, 'experts' were trying to coerce me into a hospital birth, but I trusted myself enough to remain true to what I thought was best. Although I was always open to going to the hospital at any time if the need be....a healthy baby was my main priority.

I have followed my intuition and trusted myself enough to know what is right for myself and my family, regardless of what society is telling me to do. I am open to listening to so-called experts and then I make my own informed choice. 

I believe when we teach our children to trust authority without question (as questioning authority means insolence and punishment) then we are setting our children up for a lifetime of conformity. To me this is the opposite of creativity and free thinking, which allows children's real talents to shine through. Let's teach our children to trust themselves, by allowing them to question everything and form their own theories on life .

Who will make the most difference to our world in the future, the conformists or the free thinkers?

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