I woke this morning to the Kookaburras cackling and an overwhelming sense of responsibility.
The responsibility for my children's education.
The responsibility for 18 acres of land.
The responsibility of our household cleanliness.
The responsibility for our many feathered animals.
The responsibility for my own sanity!
As I lay there in my comfy warm bed, I had this urge to just throw the duvet over my head, snuggle down and hide away from these overwhelming feelings of responsibility.
Then I looked out the window at the magical vista before me and all I felt was BLESSED!
Grateful for my magnificent life and all its blessings.
My beautiful boys woke with smiles and cuddles as we lay in bed and shared our dreams from our night of slumber.
We looked to our Tallow wood tree and spotted Kookaburras, and Noisy Miners and listened to the Whip birds and King Parrots waking as the sun rose over the valley.
In that moment of clarity and presence, all sense of responsibility and expectation dissolved away and gratefulness  and love is all I felt.
The present moment is all that matters.


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