After watching the award winning documentary; Wasteland, I started thinking about what I am  teaching my children in regard to our purchases as a family.....

I  realised that even though I am mindful of buying products
from companies that I  know and trust, and the majority of our clothes and furniture are second hand or  australian made, or gifts from friends and family.  At times though, we buy things that  we do not really need. Also some of these things come from China or some other  third world country, where the employment
practises are far from fair and just, whether it's a toy, or a new rubbish bin or even underwear.

As I look  around our home I realise we have everything we need. So why does our society  try to make us think that we
constantly need MORE?

We live simply as a  family, and our children do not demand things from us, as you hear other parents  complain that their
children do. I think this is primarily because our children  do not watch advertising and never have, except for the odd occasion when we are  staying at  Grandparents or visiting friends. We do have a TV, yet we watch only  movies, documentaries and an advertising free children's channel.

So the challenge for us now is to really up our second hand purchases, and encourage others to follow suit. Our world cannot continue to sustain our material ambitions.

Let's all  show our children how much we care about their future, by how we treat our  planet. We can NOT continue on the way we are going and expect our precious  planet to just keep giving endlessly.
Think about what you are you really need it?

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