My son Finn has always been a bit of a naturalist. I guess this is maybe because his Dad and I are too. I was the child with the sick and orphaned lambs next to my bed or the  bunny rabbit, rescued from the claws of our cat 'Willy', desperately trying to nurse them back to health.

Anyway, it was because of Finn's  desire to become a wildife carer and my love of wildlife, that I took on the challenge. And really the only challenge I have faced so far in my short time as a wildlife carer  is coming to terms with the human impact on our local native fauna. 

The greatest gift I feel this role has given me is the connection to our vulnerable and injured wildlife.

Just two days ago, I rescued a beautiful Barn Owl from barbed wire on a farm. This amazing creature spent the whole time staring at me and I felt such a connection, that I cried when he had to be  euthanised.

My gorgeous boys are learning so many valuable life lessons while assisting me in caring for our precious native animals. Life cycles, conservation, the value of charities, the strength of spirit and resilence of injured creatures, compassion, gentleness, tolerance of people who do not share our care and love of animals and above all else kindness. 

At the moment we have 'Mr P' the baby Mountain Brushtail Possum. Finn will just sit in his room and watch him climb and swing from his tail. The gentleness and love my children show around the vulnerable wildlife we care for makes it all worthwhile.
As of course does releasing animals back into their natural habitat.


We are all feeling refreshed and renewed after a few days immersed in  the arms of Mother Nature.

No TV, phone reception, computers; just the  endless silence of an isolated valley and the beauty of nature at our doorstep.

Walking at dawn, exploring sandstone caves, bird
watching,  lighting outdoor fires,  star gazing, searching for wildlife, drinking hot  chocolates by the fire, story telling over  dinner.......

I have been gifted with a book called 'Earthing' by a generous friend of mine, which discusses how the earth beneath our feet is an amazing source of natural healing energy.

Anyone who has walked on the beach with bare feet, will know the revitalising energy you   received directly from our electrical planet. The sole of the foot has an abundance of nerve endings, with lots of connections running up and through the body. So we need to think of the soles of our feet as the prime contact point 
gathering in the free electrons and natural energies from the Earth. (Earthing, Page 100)

As Finn and I lay on the earth and gazed at the infinite stars in our clear southern skies, the energy from our earth was magically healing
our  bodies. Our bodies were suffused with negative-charged free electrons abundantly  present on the surface of the earth.
(Earthing, Page 10) 

Everyday we  need to connect ourselves to the ultimate source of healing; Mother Nature.
FREE natural healing energy!

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