A new way of looking at our educational system. A short animation on Ken Robinson's vision for a more creative, personalised approach to education. kJ x

A wonderful short film on a few UK schools incorporating natural play spaces for children to be free and take risks. It is amazing to hear the maths that is naturally learnt and the problem solving that goes on naturally among the children. Brilliant! It really shows how children can naturally learn given the freedom, trust and the right environment.
kJ xx
Natural learning allows children the freedom to be unique. Unique in their learning style and unique in their choices of learning topics. kJ xx
Lets nurture each other with heartfelt handmade gifts this Xmas.
Natural soap and creative cards made by Finn and I to give to friends and family as small gifts. Wishing you a very merry Xmas. kJ xxx
There is so much richness in our human capacity. Lets nurture the innate potential in our children to enhance all of humanity.
Natural learning allows children to follow their own interests and also enhances their creative development.
This is informative and very funny. Worth 20 minutes of your time. kJ xx

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