Astrology is an ancient science that uses the relationship of the orbits of the planets in our solar system as a tool to understanding the unique growth of an individual, understanding daily experiences and the evolution of humanity.

The modern astrologer draws on over four thousand years of accumulated learning when interpreting the position of the Earth and other planets at any given moment in time. (Anthony Finocchiaro)

So, just as your child's genes determine the colour of their eyes, hair or skin, so their astrological birth chart shows personality characteristics, potential and the timing of their stages of development.

Too often, parents experience feelings of guilt and failure when there is a problem understanding their children's needs. Astrology is an amazing way to help parents fill in the gaps.

I have found horoscope astrology invaluable in understanding my own unique rhythms and that of my children.
A child's horoscope can reveal many things that will give you an insight into understanding your child's behaviour and rhythms. For example, why do some babies need lots of physical contact while others don't enjoy being held tightly? Why are some children easy going and have no problems making friends, while others prefer time in their own company? Your child's horoscope answers these questions and more.

It is much easier to be a better, more informed parent  and to know how to protect and nurture your child when you understand whats best for them.

It would be naive to think that we are in total control of everything that occurs in our lives. Plants, oceans and animals are affected by the gravitational fields of the planets, so how could we be excluded from this? Biodynamic farming is based on the rhythms and motions of the planets and this is all centred around  astrology.

Astrology has the ability to unite us with our own natural rhythms as well as the rhythms of our planet.

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