There is so much richness in our human capacity. Lets nurture the innate potential in our children to enhance all of humanity.
Natural learning allows children to follow their own interests and also enhances their creative development.
This is informative and very funny. Worth 20 minutes of your time. kJ xx

I believe the genuine acceptance of your children is the most critical aspect of parenting. It is a beautiful paradox of life that when children feel genuinely accepted as they are, they feel free to develop, grow and change.

However majority of parents believe that if you accept your child they will just stay the same. Therefore use 'correcting messages' such as  judging, criticizing, preaching, ordering, name-calling, etc.

It was such a humbling experience when I realised that I was doing myself and my children no favours by advising, reassuring, and giving facts.
What's most important is to convey your acceptance through listening and nonintervention. I believe you will be pleasantly suprised  at just how many problems children can solve on their own.

kJ xxxx

'What we want to see is the child in pursuit of knowledge, not knowledge in pursuit of the child'.

George Bernard Shaw


Nurture our natural environment. Show your children you care about the world they will inherit. We all have a voice, use it wisely...kJ xx

Your digestive health is of the utmost importance for a strong immunity.
Nurture yourself and your family, you deserve to be healthy and full of vitality.

Author Joel Baken, talking about his new book 'How Big Business Targets Children'. Nelson Mandela stated 'there can be no keener revelation of a society's soul than the way it treats it's children'. kJ xxx


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