Well here we are in london, taking my two young children on their first big overseas adventure.
We have been on lots of minor journeys to NZ and heaps of long haul car experiences, however this is different, it's a journey to the other side of the world! 

I was seriously organised. The boys and I took a bush flower remedy for travel before, during and after we landed. I made sure the boys were digestively strong through a course of natural probiotics (Inliven by Miessence). We had lots of rest and ate our usual healthy wholefood diet leading up to our big plane
journey. There was no stress on the days proceeding our take off. This was a stretch for me considering I was doing this on my own, as my husband had opted out of the trip and was working away.

The boys actually exceeded my expectations completely while on the plane. Sleeping and watching movies with meals in between. No bickering, moaning or complaining at all. Finn got a slight ear ache which I fixed instantly with a homeopathic remedy, Aconite.

So here we are, ready for Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, the Tower Bridge, etc. Except for one problem, both my children are feeling a little home sick, missing their doggies and their dad.

Sunny has been acting out his feelings by saying NO alot and jumping around acting silly while we talk to Dad on skype. Whereas Finn has been feeling sad and a little despondant, with occasional bursts of excitement, especially at the Natural History Museum.

I guess my reason for writing this blog is to share the fact that I was so concerned about the long haul flight over here and how the boys would handle that, that I didn't give a thought to how they would handle being so far from home especially when also feeling a little

So how have I handled this? 

By having down days in between the big sight-seeing adventurous days. Lots of time for connection and talking about our experiences. Heaps of love, cuddles and listening to feelings. Rescue remedy and homeopathics for the moments of desperate need. Understanding the sadness about Dad not being with us, but still skyping heaps so the boys can share their experiences.

Fully accepting all the challenges that go along with our overseas holiday and allowing the boys to experience it each in their own way. 

I feel grateful that my children are so easy to travel with and make going on these overseas adventures worthwhile.

I will just keep soaking up each moment and rising to any challenges that come my way.


My son Finn has always been a bit of a naturalist. I guess this is maybe because his Dad and I are too. I was the child with the sick and orphaned lambs next to my bed or the  bunny rabbit, rescued from the claws of our cat 'Willy', desperately trying to nurse them back to health.

Anyway, it was because of Finn's  desire to become a wildife carer and my love of wildlife, that I took on the challenge. And really the only challenge I have faced so far in my short time as a wildlife carer  is coming to terms with the human impact on our local native fauna. 

The greatest gift I feel this role has given me is the connection to our vulnerable and injured wildlife.

Just two days ago, I rescued a beautiful Barn Owl from barbed wire on a farm. This amazing creature spent the whole time staring at me and I felt such a connection, that I cried when he had to be  euthanised.

My gorgeous boys are learning so many valuable life lessons while assisting me in caring for our precious native animals. Life cycles, conservation, the value of charities, the strength of spirit and resilence of injured creatures, compassion, gentleness, tolerance of people who do not share our care and love of animals and above all else kindness. 

At the moment we have 'Mr P' the baby Mountain Brushtail Possum. Finn will just sit in his room and watch him climb and swing from his tail. The gentleness and love my children show around the vulnerable wildlife we care for makes it all worthwhile.
As of course does releasing animals back into their natural habitat.

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