I believe being a natural Mum, is tapping into that natural parenting wisdom. Parenting wholeheartedly to enrich loving connections with your children. Calm, conscious, and compassionate care.
I feel such gratitude to be learning with my children everyday. Oh the things I have learnt so far, lots about trucks, dinosaurs, marine creatures, native birds, the list goes on and on.  But most importantly I have learnt about myself and my own natural style of parenting.
I wish you so much joy on your path through parenthood.
KJ xx
Being a Natural Learning Mum, it is challenging to find a balance in meeting responsibilites and nurturing my own interests. I have found asking friends and family for support helps me to find this balance. It is through my self-nurturing and this support, that I am then able to fully give that nurturing, nourishing love and care to my boys. I believe this is what ALL children deserve! kJxx

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