We are all feeling refreshed and renewed after a few days immersed in  the arms of Mother Nature.

No TV, phone reception, computers; just the  endless silence of an isolated valley and the beauty of nature at our doorstep.

Walking at dawn, exploring sandstone caves, bird
watching,  lighting outdoor fires,  star gazing, searching for wildlife, drinking hot  chocolates by the fire, story telling over  dinner.......

I have been gifted with a book called 'Earthing' by a generous friend of mine, which discusses how the earth beneath our feet is an amazing source of natural healing energy.

Anyone who has walked on the beach with bare feet, will know the revitalising energy you   received directly from our electrical planet. The sole of the foot has an abundance of nerve endings, with lots of connections running up and through the body. So we need to think of the soles of our feet as the prime contact point 
gathering in the free electrons and natural energies from the Earth. (Earthing, Page 100)

As Finn and I lay on the earth and gazed at the infinite stars in our clear southern skies, the energy from our earth was magically healing
our  bodies. Our bodies were suffused with negative-charged free electrons abundantly  present on the surface of the earth.
(Earthing, Page 10) 

Everyday we  need to connect ourselves to the ultimate source of healing; Mother Nature.
FREE natural healing energy!


Our thoughts create our life. Louise L Hay has been teaching this message for over 25 years. Doesn't life just happen and we just have to deal with it the best way we can? Or do our beliefs and thought patterns bring forth positive or negative experiences from the universe?

Regardless of what you believe, positive affirmations can influence your life in a beneficial way.
Affirmations are the thoughts and words we use in our daily lives. They can be positive or negative. For example "I never do anything right" is obviously negative. Change this to a positive statement, "I am learning and always doing the best I can".

Words that we think or say or believe to be true will impact your life in a postive or negative way.

I believe this to be a VERY important message to be teaching our children right from the start. We can obviously teach this from example through our own actions and use of positive affirmations.
Also through using positive statements in our children's everyday life, so your words become their beliefs. For example when they have hurt themselves while hugging and showing affection, letting them know that their body is strong and healthy, and it will heal very quickly. So they will naturally affirm this message  to themselves that they are strong and healthy and this becomes a life long belief. However if you are constantly telling them how sick they are and always giving them medicines for this and that, then they could start affirming to themselves that they are always sick and in need of medicines to help them feel better. I know which message I would rather my children to hold onto and believe as true!

I remember while pregnant affirming loving messages to my growing babies, about their health, how much they were loved and how excited we were to meet them etc. All of these postive messages become our children's beliefs.

I also love to lay with my children as they go to sleep. As they are just drifting off into a peaceful slumber I softly affirm loving messages to them, like "I love being your Mum" and "Thanks for all your help today" or "I love snuggling you"  or "You are so amazing"  etc ...

Louise L. Hay advocates teaching children to do 'mirror work', which is saying a positive affirmation in front of the mirror. She states "A mirror is a very powerful tool, because it connects you to the words you are saying".

Affirming lots of positive statements -
"I can...."
"I am...."
"I do...."
"I have...."

Teaching children that they have control over their thoughts, that it is their choice how they think and the words they use.

Even the smallest beginning will make a difference to your child's life. One simple affirmation, such as "I am loved " or "I am amazing" can change the way your child thinks about themselves.

How amazing for children to learn the power of their thoughts when they are so young. So they can use this wonderful awareness to create a more joyous and
happier life.

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